About Us

Uncle Zam Frozen Food Network is a supply chain network of PREMIUM frozen foods for all Malaysians using the concept of “Your Neighbourhood Frozen Foods Center” by opening up business opportunities to become agents and stockists to all citizens of Malaysia.

Conceptualised in 2011 and officially conceived on the 1st of July 2016, operating at Wisma Zamsaham, No3 & 4 Jalan Terminal 2 Senai International Airport, Senai Johor. The founder and owner of the company is Mr Norizam Tukiman who is a successful entrepreneur with various business interests.

His involvement in the world of business and entrepreneurship began at a very young age by helping his mother selling cookies and popular Malaysian breakfasts to his neighbours and other customers at nearby housing areas. He also assisted his father with family business up until the time when he pursued his studies at UiTM Segamat Johor in Investment. He was active in small business ventures even during his undergraduate years at UiTM.

After completing his degree, he worked for Citibank and later on acquired Remisiership license for Bursa Malaysia. Since then his business venture has expanded by leaps and bounds. He is now a proud owner of a few businesses which include Uncle Zam Cafe at Senai International Airport and Subang Airport Kuala Lumpur, FlyAsia Wrapping, and Zamsaham Training & Consultancy which focuses on Bursa Malaysia stock investment education to retail investors. He recently opened his own boutique hotel by the name of Hotel Zamsaham which is located just next to Senai International Airport, Johor.

Unclezam Frozen Food passion in the E-Franchise business as 1st Premium Halal Frozen Food in Asia and its dedication in providing fine premium, top-notch quality and international standards have always played a pivotal role. For quality assurance, Unclezam Frozen Food ensure that stringent measures are constantly undertaken without compromising taste and hygienic excellence. Unclezam Frozen Food created a promising assurance for customers by engaged with respective superior government agencies to make sure all products are certified HALAL. With a prime goal as "Smart Partnership of ChefJo, a well known jury from MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia cooking game as a ‘Smart Partner’ with a prime goal to integrate all the company’s products with premium recipes.

Unclezam Frozen Food offers a wide range of frozen foods, Premium Frozen Foods and Favourite Frozen Foods at your single fingertips clicks through my e-shop.

We're proud of the way we're creating an experience to remember: reaching customers wherever they are and innovating new tastes and choices through online food shopping, while staying true to customers favorites and premium choices. Our purpose goes beyond what we sell. We're using our reach to be a positive force, for our customers, our e-franchisee, our communities and our world.

Thank you for shopping with us!